Allow Notifications

When you first open the Filet Talent App, you will be prompted for permission to receive notifications. It is important to allow this so that you will be able to receive and respond to audition invitations and job offers without constantly having to check in the app.

Click on Search

After creating a profile and logging in, simply hit search to see live projects that are relevant to you.

Click on A Project

These are the projects that have available roles that fit your criteria. The title of the project, the name of the producer, the audition location, and the shoot date will be shown. Projects with a Crown icon indicate that the project was posted by a Filet producer with Premium membership.

To check out more details about a project, simply click on it.

Projects Page

This is the summary of a job, with details such as the producer, shoot type, genre and shoot range available. You will also see role tabs for the project, and its estimated pay. Click on it to apply for the role.

Applying for Role

This tab shows the details of a role in the project. Hit “Apply” to apply for the job. If the producer is interested, he will invite you for an audition, or message you for further enquiries.

Success! You’ve applied for a job!

Now that you have applied for the job, you can search for other applicable jobs while waiting for the producer to get back to you. For free accounts, you will only be able to apply for 2 jobs at a time. To apply for another, simply go to the “Job” tab and cancel a previous application.

Checking Messages

Once you received an audition invitation, click on the “Message” icon on the top right of the screen. You may accept the audition offer, or ask them more questions about the project or role.

Accepting A Job

Once you and the producer have worked out the details and expectations of the shoot, request for him/her to make you an offer at the total rate that has been discussed. An simple agreement contract will be generated once the offer is made. Click on it to read more. Once agreeable, scroll down and accept the role and you are ready to go!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the producer sends you a role offer and that you accept it. This is to protect you and the producer to make sure that the agreement between you and them is official.