Thank you everyone for the overwhelming interest and sign ups for our talent app since launching on Monday. If you haven’t already, sign up today as our free 3 Month Talent Premium Membership promotion ends in 3 days! So what’s the big deal about being a premium member? And what exactly is the difference between free and premium talents in our app?

Firstly, premium users will receive a premium badge next to their names, this will help producers distinguish your profile from the rest! Speaking of distinguishing yourselves, premium users are able to further customize their profiles by embedding a show-reel video into their existing profiles, as well as upload multiple photos of yourselves for producers to view. Lastly, premium users are able to apply to as many jobs as they want. Go get busy!

Well then, what about our free talent users? Users with a free account are only allowed to apply for up to 2 jobs at once. Once completed, they will be able to apply for more. Free users are also able to use the rest of the basic function the app offers, such as searching and applying for roles, receiving and accepting audition invitations, and messaging producers once shortlisted. Upon accepting offers from producers, talents will also receive a written contract. They will also be able to rate/review the producer after the job has been completed. Not to mention, any auditions or shoot offers accepted will be reflected on the dashboard and in-app calendar. Talents are also able to view the producer’s profile and portfolio, as well as customize their own basic profile in terms of adding photos (head shot, full body and side profiles), updating their own portfolio and updating their physical attributes.

There is no limit to how many jobs you can accept. As long as you have been offered a role by a producer, both free and premium talents can accept as many offers as they want! Look forward to our producer web application launch on 8 December and get busy applying for roles!