Are you an actor-in-training to find some footing in the local acting scene? Or are you a ‘fresh-off-the-street’ rookie looking to fuel your new-found passion for acting and the arts? Here’s a list of tips to get past the audition for your dream role.


If you’re first starting out, you may not have an incredible portfolio to show, but you can get a great headshot of yourself. You might hire a professional or maybe just ask a friend who has camera experience. Your headshot is usually the first impression you give to any casting director or producer. With a good headshot photo, you will instantly grab their attention.


When competing against so many others for that same role, your first 15 seconds have to count. Many casting directors do not have the time or luxury to get to know you on a personal level, so you gotta do everything to stand out.

Be firm and polite when you greet them–make your hair neater, give a pleasant smile, and most importantly, be yourself. Take whatever character you’re auditioning for and work it! Don’t worry about what you think the producers want, but think about what they need out of that character.


If you’re nervous the casting director will see it, and much worse–the camera will catch it even more. If you’re nervous during the audition, how will you perform with an entire crew with cameras and microphones pointed at you? That said, keep your body still. Don’t fidget around, it distracts from your performance.

Remember to understand your body and how it works on camera, even if you deliver a great performance, if it looks unflattering on camera, it might work against you in getting that role.


Be prepared for your audition. Don’t just start memorising lines the day itself, or worse, when you get to the venue itself. And if not, don’t be afraid to read off the script. It’s about knowing the character not your lines. The point of an audition is to see how well you interpret the script not how well you memorised it.

If you’re up for the task, go the extra mile and research the director and his general style of film, understand the tone of the role you’re auditioning.

Remember, the whole process of acting is a collaboration. A director will be there to direct you on set, but remember to study and do your homework on the character and how they fit into the bigger picture! With good preparation, the quality will shine through during the audition.