Where should one start to look for freelance film work? Any tips for people who are just starting out?

Filmmaking has various areas of expertise, depending on what you want to specialize in (camera, production, directing, casting, art) when you are starting out you should look for work everywhere. These days social media like Facebook and LinkedIn have very specific production, casting and art directors groups where they advertise jobs for freelancers and interns.

What kind of work quality/ethics are clients looking for? What makes a client come back for more?

Generally, the expectations from the clients are higher than their budgets. A good producer should manage these expectations and show a true picture to the client, a detailed budget, and treatment note helps the client to visualize the film before it is shot. Good and honest work never goes out of fashion and that is what will increase and maintain your clientele.


What are your thoughts of clients lowballing (offering really low prices for projects)? Should one take such jobs (especially when just starting out?)


When you are starting out all you should focus on is to build a good volume of work for your showreel cause that is what will guarantee your next project, so even if the budget is low but you are confident that you can make the project look good then you should not hesitate to take it on, you should actually consider it as someone paying for your reel, which is a very good deal.


Do you feel that short videos are getting a lot more attention than long ones (movies)?

For me, the length of a video does not matter, if your content is great people will watch it no matter how long or short it is. So focus on your content.


What do you feel is the next step that films will head towards? (Virtual/Augmented reality, interactive videos, etc.)

People are hungry for good content and a good story. I think technologies like AR and VR are still not adapted for good storytelling at the moment.


How will these changes affect filmmakers? How will filmmakers have to adapt to such changes?

 Newer technologies have only made things more convenient and user-friendly for its users. Earlier very few people knew how to use the conventional celluloid cameras, now anyone can use a digital camera for filming. A filmmaker should focus on the art of storytelling and not so much on technology.


– Mike Harvey, Founder, Executive Producer & Director at Red Dot Moving Pictures (2018)